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Normal Titanic Sulphate, Ti(SO4)2.3H2O

Normal Titanic Sulphate, Ti(SO4)2.3H2O, has been described by Glatzel 4 as a yellow, amorphous mass obtained by oxidising the sesquisulphate with nitric acid and evaporating the resulting solution. According to more recent observers, however, the existence of this compound is doubtful.

The first basic sulphate, Ti2O(SO4)3,3H2O, or 2TiO2.3SO3.3H2O, is formed in crystals, according to Blondel, when a sulphuric acid solution of titanic acid is heated to 120° C. The second basic sulphate, titanyl sulphate, TiOSO4, was first obtained by Merz as a white powder by rapidly evaporating a sulphuric acid solution of titanic acid, and by Blondel in crystals by heating a similar solution to 225° C. The hydrate TiOSO 4.2H2O was also obtained by the use of somewhat diluted sulphuric acid, and the following hydrated basic salts by further modifying the temperature and dilution:

Pentahydrated titanyl sulphate, TiOSO4.5H2O, was obtained by Rosenheim and Schutte by boiling titanic acid with alcoholic sulphuric acid and then evaporating off the alcohol and precipitating with ether.

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