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Potassium and Ammonium Titanylsulphates

Potassium and Ammonium Titanylsulphates, 2K2SO4.3TiOSO4.10H2O and (NH4)2SO4.TiOSO4.H2O respectively, have been obtained by adding concentrated aqueous solutions of the corresponding sulphates to a saturated solution of titanic acid in sulphuric acid. These salts are soluble in cold water, but titanic acid gradually separates from their solutions.

The following compounds of titanic oxide with selenious and selenic acids have been obtained: TiO2.SeO2.H2O, 2TiO2.SeO2.H2O, TiO2.SeO3.H2O, 2TiO2.SeO3.H2O.

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