Chemical elements
    Physical Properties
    Chemical Properties
      Titanium Trifluoride
      Titanium Tetrafluoride
      Hydrofluotitanic acid
      Potassium Titanifluoride
      Sodium Titanifluoride
      Titanium Dichloride
      Titanium Trichloride
      Titanium Tetrachloride
      Titanic Chloride
      Titanium Oxychlorides
      Hydrochlorotitanic Acid
      Addition Compounds of Titanium Tetrachloride
      Titanium Tribromide Hexahydrate
      Titanium Tetrabromide
      Titanic Bromide
      Hydrobromotitanic Acid
      Titanium Chlorobromides
      Titanium Di-iodide
      Titanium Tri-iodide
      Titanium Tetra-iodide
      Titanic Iodide
      Titanium Monoxide
Titanium Sesquioxide
      Titanium Dioxide
      Titanic Oxide
      Titanic Hydroxides
      Metatitanic Acid
      Titanium Monosulphide
      Titanium Sesquisulphide
      Titanium Disulphide
      Titanium Sulphates
      Titanous Sulphate
      Titanium Sesquisulphate
      Complex Sulphates of Tervalent Titanium
      Normal Titanic Sulphate
      Potassium Titanisulphate
      Potassium and Ammonium Titanylsulphates
      Titanous Nitride
      Titanic Nitride
      Titanium Nitrogen Halides
      Titaninitric Acid
      Titanium Phosphide
      Titaniphosphoric Acid
      Titanium Carbide
      Titanium Cyanonitride
      Titanium Thiocyanates
      Titanium Sesquioxalate
      Titanitartrates and Allied Salts
      Titanium Silicide

Potassium Titanifluoride, K2TiF6

Potassium Titanifluoride, K2TiF6, is obtained crystallised in lustrous leaflets when potassium hydrogen fluoride is added to a solution of titanic oxide in concentrated hydrofluoric acid, and it may be recrystallised from hydrofluoric acid. The hydrated salt, K2TiF6.H2O, separates in shining scales when potash is added to an aqueous solution of hydro- fluotitanic acid. It loses its water at 100° C., and melts at a white heat without decomposition.

The solubility of potassium titanifluoride in water is as follows:

Temperature °C10°14°20°
Grams of K2TiF6 in 100 grams H2O0.550.670.770.911.041.28

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