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Potassium Titanifluoride, K2TiF6

Potassium Titanifluoride, K2TiF6, is obtained crystallised in lustrous leaflets when potassium hydrogen fluoride is added to a solution of titanic oxide in concentrated hydrofluoric acid, and it may be recrystallised from hydrofluoric acid. The hydrated salt, K2TiF6.H2O, separates in shining scales when potash is added to an aqueous solution of hydro- fluotitanic acid. It loses its water at 100° C., and melts at a white heat without decomposition.

The solubility of potassium titanifluoride in water is as follows:

Temperature °C10°14°20°
Grams of K2TiF6 in 100 grams H2O0.550.670.770.911.041.28

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