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Titaniphosphoric Acid

Merz obtained a titaniphos- phoric acid, or titanic phosphate, of the composition 2TiO2.P2O5.xH2O by precipitating titanic chloride solution with a soluble phosphate and thoroughly washing the product. A similar substance was obtained by Wehrlin and Giraud; and by heating together titanic and phosphoric acids, as well as by melting TiO2 with sodium or potassium meta-phosphate, the crystalline compound TiO2.P2O5 is formed. The following crystallised alkali salts of titaniphosphoric acid have been obtained by Ouvrard:

K2O.4TiO2.3P2O5; K2O.2TiO2.P2O5; Na2O.4TiO2.3P2O5; 6Na2O.3TiO2.4P2O5.

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