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Titanium Disulphide, TiS2

Titanium Disulphide, TiS2, is formed in a crude state by the action of carbon disulphide vapour on titanic oxide, and also by heating together a mixture of rutile (TiO2), sulphur, sodium carbonate, and carbon; it is obtained in a pure state, in the form of yellow, lustrous scales resembling pyrites, when a mixture of hydrogen sulphide and titanium tetrachloride (Ebelmen) or tetrafluoride is passed through a strongly heated porcelain tube. Titanium disulphide resembles the other sulphides in its behaviour towards acids; boiling caustic potash decomposes it, forming potassium sulphide and titanate; it possesses, however, no thio-anhydride properties since it does not dissolve in alkali sulphide solution.

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