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Titanium Monoxide, TiO

Titanium Monoxide, TiO, is formed, together with other products, when titanic oxide is heated with carbon or a metal such as zinc or magnesium; in the latter case titanate is also formed according to the reaction

2TiO2 + Mg = TiO + MgTiO3,

which differs from the reaction of magnesium with silica owing to the inferior reducibility of titanic oxide.

Moissan has obtained the monoxide in black prismatic crystals by heating titanic oxide with carbon in the electric furnace.

The hydroxide Ti(OH)2 is formed as a black precipitate when alkali is added to a solution of titanium dihalide; it passes rapidly by oxidation into hydrated titanic oxide. According to Stahler a sulphate corresponding to the monoxide is formed when titanium is dissolved in sulphuric acid.

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