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Titanium Sesquioxalate, Ti2(C2O4)3

Titanium Sesquioxalate, Ti2(C2O4)3.10H2O, crystallises in yellow prisms, soluble in water, when alcohol is added to a solution of titanium trichloride mixed with excess of oxalic acid. The following double salts have also been obtained, Ti(NH4)(C2O4)2.2H2O, TiK(C2O4)2.2H2O, TiRb(C2O4)2.2H2O, and the colour of their solutions show that they contain complex anions.

The following oxalates of quadrivalent titanium have been prepared. Hydrated titanyl oxalate, TiOC2O4.xH2O, has been obtained in an uncrystallised condition by dissolving titanic acid in concentrated aqueous oxalic acid solution; if, however, titanic acid is boiled with alcoholic oxalic acid, and the solution precipitated with ether, TiOC2O4.C2H5OH is formed as a crystalline precipitate, soluble in water and alcohol, whilst the more basic salt, Ti2O3C2O4.12H2O, is precipitated by alcohol from a concentrated solution of oxalic acid mixed with one of titanic acid in hydrochloric acid.

Titanyloxalic acid, H2TiO(C2O4)2.H2O, is obtained in long needles, soluble in water and alcohol, by decomposing its barium salt, BaTiO(C2O4)2.2H2O, with sulphuric acid, and evaporating the resulting solution; the potassium and ammonium salts, K2TiO(C2O4)2.2H2O and (NH4)2TiO(C2O4)2.H2O, have also been obtained crystalline. A peroxidised oxalate of the composition

(TiO2)2(C2O3)2O, or

has been obtained by Mazzucchelli and Pantanelli.

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