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Titanium Thiocyanates

The complex thiocyanates of tervalent titanium, K3Ti(SCN)6.6H2O and (NH4)8Ti(SCN)6.6H2O, exist; as well as thiocyanates of the quadrivalent metal.

When a 10 per cent, solution of thiocyanic acid is saturated with titanic acid, and evaporated over sulphuric acid, titanylthiocyanate, TiO(SCN)2.2H2O, separates as a brownish red crystalline powder. The potassium salt, K2TiO(SCN)4.H2O, of the unknown complex titanylthiocyanic acid, H2TiO(SCN)4, is formed by the combination of potassium thiocyanate with titanylthiocyanate. It forms deep red rhombic crystals, soluble in but slowly decomposed by water. The corresponding ammonium, sodium, barium, pyridine, and quinoline salts have also been obtained.1 Titanic thiocyanurate, Ti(H2S3C3N3)4, also exists.

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