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Titanous Nitride, TiN

Titanous Nitride, TiN or Ti2N2, was obtained by Moissan by heating titanic oxide with or without carbon in a graphite crucible in presence of nitrogen, and also by Ruff and Eisner by heating Wohler's supposed Ti3N4 in a current of ammonia at 1500° C. for six hours till all the chlorine and oxygen it contained were removed. It is, however, best prepared by heating the dioxide with ammonia in a porcelain tube for four to six hours at 1400°-1500° C.

The nitride obtained by Moissan was a bronze-yellow mass having a density of 5.18, and was hard enough to scratch rubies and cut diamonds; that obtained by Ruff and Eisner was bronze-coloured and had a density of 5.10 at 18° C.

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